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Resin-based microwave absorbing material is a microwave absorbing body made of inorganic material (resin), which has higher temperature resistance and can withstand higher power.

·YEM type is a high-loss magnetic material made of resin and magnetic materials. It is rod-shaped, plate-shaped wool, gray, and inelastic. The density is 2.5-5g/cm³, and the temperature resistance is 100℃. The temperature resistance can be improved when required. It becomes 150℃ and can reach 260℃ instantly.

YEM has a greater attenuation to microwaves. The larger the number behind the model, the greater the density and the greater the attenuation of microwaves. The microwave attenuation of the same model increases with the increase in frequency.


model density g/cm³ 10GHz attenuation dB/cm Suitable length of load
YEM-140 2.8 18 1-2λg
YEM-150 3.2 25 0.7-1.5λg
YEM-160 3.7 35 0.5-1λg
YEM-170 4.2 48 0.3-0.5λg


YEM type can process waveguide loads. The smaller the length of the load, the larger the selection number. Different types of materials can be processed into the same shape of the load, and the same type of materials can be processed into different shapes for optimization. It is used to make various absorbing blocks, absorbing rings, and isolators for broadcasting and television transmitting equipment needed to prevent microwave reflection and leakage, such as transfer switches, rotating hinges, and circular polarizers. It can also be applied to some high-frequency wave devices and tuners. . Generally suitable for small and medium power.

YEM type rods are available in Φ10, Φ20, Φ35, Φ50, Φ75, etc. The sheet material has a finalized mold. The specific specifications can be produced according to user requirements. It is widely used in waveguide coaxial systems to make loads, attenuation rings, attenuators, absorb microwaves, and prevent reflections. And leakage to provide system performance. YEM type can be processed into samples with very small tolerances by lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, sawing machines, grinders, etc.

There is also a high-performance machine-processable absorbing material EME type, which is a high-performance absorbing material trial-produced based on the EM type. The load processed by it is screened, and its standing wave coefficient is smaller than that of the YEM type, and reaches or exceeds the level of foreign samples. EME type has 140, 150 and other models, and its physical properties are similar to YEM type. It can be used in trial production of some high-performance loads.

EMC type is economical, its main performance is similar to YEM type, there are 140, 150 and 160 models, suitable for economical use purposes.



· High-power loads can be used for various standard or non-standard loads. The load with shell can be provided, or the shell can be provided by the user.

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